2020 has been incredibly productive for us so far. 

We just wrapped up the BoardGame, Card & Box art projects with our artist and are frantically working on importing them into GameCrafter to FINALLY get some physical copies of our game. Perhaps one of the smartest things we did during this process was to provide the GameCrafter templates for dimensions, edge bleed, etc to our artist from the very beginning. I can’t imagine how much of a headache it would have been to try and tackle that retroactively. 

We’ll share the final art work soon, but in the mean time – Enjoy a few of the 24+ iterations we went through making Malarkey.  

A huge thanks to our incredibly talented artist Ersin Erturk! 

If you’re looking for an incredibly talented artist who is great to work with, I can’t recommend him enough. You can find him on Upwork.com 🙂