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7/7/2022 – Physical copies have finally arrived!

Supply is limited, Get your hands on the first edition print of Malarkey before it’s too late!

Malarkey is a drinking based board game for the thirstiest of players. It’s our magnum opus on a rainbow canvas of structured chaos.

Malarkey has been a passion project for our team for over 2 years. That’s 2+ years of tweaking, play-testing, blind-play-testing, research, optimizations and dozens(if not hundreds) of revisions.  We’ve jam packed Malarkey with an obscene number of movie & tv references, subtle (and not so subtle) nods to popular culture, obscure Easter eggs and other intangible goodness.  Drawing from a wide range of influences and carefully distilled into 220 unique cards. Truly, we’ve made something special here. 

We are extremely proud and excited to finally be able to offer physical copies of our little self-published game.

We Sincerely hope you enjoy Malarkey.


Besides the best drinking board game ever made? (obviously)

Malarkey includes 220 unique cards, Game Board, 8 game pieces, 1 bouncy ball, 1 six-sided die, x1 custom Malarkey die & of course the rules page.

Additional Required Game Components:

  • Pen + Paper
  • Pint Glass / Whiskey Glass
  • Shot Glass
  • Quarter
  • Timer or Cell-Phone

Malarkey is a drinking board game for 2-8 players that will test your stamina, your mind, your body and your friendships (but like… in a good way).  Each player rolls a six-sided die to decide the first player in turn order, moving clockwise.  Depending on just how much you care to indulge, players will collectively decide to continue playing the game rolling the six sided die or the malarkey die(Affectionately referred to as Story & Hardcore modes). Once turn order is established, players take turns rolling for movement, moving the corresponding spaces on the board for their roll.

When a player lands on a board space, It will correspond with 1 of 5 category colors. Then, they will be required to draw a card from that category (Except Trivia) and perform that action.


Malarkey comes with over x200 unique cards, separated into 5 categories. Physical, Trivia, Puzzle, Charisma & Chance

‘The game continues until one of the players is able to reach the final space.



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If you can’t abide paying for shipping, we will also be offering Malarkey on Amazon soon and you can always grab a copy of our digital or print-n-play versions of the game as well.

Lastly, If you happen to live in the Milwaukee, WI or San Francisco, CA area – you also have the unique option of picking up a copy directly 🙂 Just shoot us an e-mail to setup a time!

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