Malarkey – Digital Version


**The digital version of Malarkey requires TableTop Simulator. (Available in Steam)

Pandemics are rough. We get it, not everyone is ready to party in person quite yet. We got you covered fam. Now you can enjoy the digital version of Malarkey from anywhere and connect with friends and family everywhere!

Upon successful purchase, users will be given a link to the Steam Workshop TTS game download.

If you don’t own TTS on Steam already, you will need to purchase this independent of your digital version of Malarkey. For anyone not familiar with TableTop Simulator, it is an amazing platform for playing all your favorite games digitally. There is a massive library of games to choose from, both free and paid. While only the host of the game will have to buy Malarkey, everyone that wants to play Will need to purchase a copy of TableTop Simulator. This is standard for the platform – we just wanted to make sure everyone was aware!

Additionally, Because this format comes with certain limitations, cards that do not fit well in this format have been filtered out and placed in the discard pile already for this save.



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