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The print and play version of Malarkey is the fastest way to get your hands on the game and start playing!

All files are formatted as .PDF files and have been optimized for quick and easy printing and setup.

While required game components are also listed on the rules page – We’ve provided a quick summary here as well for you. You don’t necessarily need every item to enjoy the bulk of what Malarkey has to offer, but some of our favorite cards involve some simple items you can find around your home.


Included In Print-N-Play:

  • Game Board
  • Rules Page
  • x100 Trivia Cards
  • x30 Chance Cards
  • x30 Charisma Cards
  • x30 Physical Cards
  • x30 Puzzle Cards

Required Game Components:

  • Game Pieces
  • x1 6-sided Die
  • Pen + Paper
  • Pint Glass
  • Shot Glass
  • Quarter
  • Timer / Cell-Phone



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