Malarkey Promo Videos

Well ladies and gentlemen, it’s finally here. The official Malarkey Kickstarter Promo Video.

A tad more commercial than we originally planned, but all in all I think it turned out pretty well 🙂 A huge thanks to our good friend Ian Hicks (AwaykaMusic) who provided the awesome background music, Pavio Shpylovyi for coordinating voice talent and editing, our good friend Shivan for shooting the original footage and everyone who came out to play Malarkey to make it happen.

Hope you enjoy the final cut!  ~Cheers.


Our first attempt at creating a promo video was drastically different. Brian flew in from California for the occasion and we spent a weeks writing scripts, setting up the backdrop, sourcing props & preparing for shoot day. Unfortunately most of the introduction & script footage was lost due to some bad luck with equipment malfunctioning during the shoot. We spent so much time planning for this shoot though that we wanted to do something to salvage the montage footage at least.

Hopefully it wasn’t all for nothing and few folks enjoy the footage anyways 🙂